Removing some people out of your life makes room for better people

Removing some people out of your life makes room for better people

When you move towards positive directions, the universe has it ways of removing all the negative that surrounds you. ~ Deidra McCrary

I did not remove the person from my life, but they removed themselves from my life. For reasons unknown, but a new friend and much better person has entered my life. ~ Diane Abraham

By doing so eliminates negativity and when there is none only positivity exist. Leave no room for negativity because it is like a heavy weight that will only pull you down. Be strong! Like a body builder training and working to be something unique and extraordinary. Remove those people like a body builder lifting weights. Train like this everyday and watch how peacefully great life is.

I would rather have a just few friends of quality that allows room for the friendship to grow than be surrounded by parasites, haters, drama kings and queens, takers and people that generally make the relationship/friendship all about them.

When God asks you to leave someone, that’s because he wanted you to pick someone better. Be wise in everything you do. ~ Mariven Manigos

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