The Tongue is strong enough to break a Heart

The Tongue is strong enough to break a Heart

The tongue is so strong it can start a war. 

Be sure to taste our words, before we spit them out.

The tongue is like a sword sharp. It can split anybody into bits if your words are too harsh and hurting. ~ Calvin Chi 

Tongue is an organ that causes much pain, once a stone is thrown it can’t be taken back. ~ Betty Martinez 

Mind your words. A word can kill a person’s life. Writing can be erase but words it always be in people’s heart, can forgive but cannot forget. ~ Doris Cheong 

Once said the damage is done and no amount of apologies, kindness, or gifts can make things better or take away the hurt, so be careful of what comes out of your mouth.

Tongue is like a double edged sword, it can paralysed someone with what spit out from it. Usually defaming others to elevate self. A kind word that came out from that wagging tongue can be healing to the bones and sharp words can literally kill someone. You are taking their dignity, self respect and esteem. If you don’t have a kind word to say just zip it. ~ Norma Powell 

The tongue is also the strongest muscle and not only it can say good or bad things, but it can also taste good and bad food, hot and cold and we get tired before it does. ~ Ramzi Hachache 

I remember from a very long time ago. I was 10 and fishing with my uncle Bee and Bud at Grand lake. I said something very wrong of another person. One of them said to me, “Your tongue is very sharp, it can slice a person apart with it, so think before you speak.” I have lived my hole life with that burned in my memory. Thank you Uncles. ~ Bob Johnson

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