The value of privacy of cultivating your circle

The value of privacy of cultivating your circle

Sometimes we talk too much to the wrong people. ~ Roxanne Mclean

Such a hard lesson for me, especially growing up in a toxic family. If they asked you were made to feel obligated to answer, no matter how ridiculous or personal the question was. If you didn’t tell immediately you were made to feel as if you were being deceitful or hiding something, when what they were really doing was pressing you for uncomfortable information they could use against you later under the guise of “caring” and accusing you of being “disloyal” to them. It took me a long time to learn I don’t owe anyone a seat at the table of my heart and no that doesn’t make me a bad person to keep my circle happy & healthy. This simple thing I wished I would have taught myself years and years ago! ~ Christine Barber 

Not everyone deserves a passage to my heart.

I’ve been cultivating this space for my life the past few years and have found when you merely allow those the space in your life that vibrate at the same frequency, and hold the same Moral Fiber and similar core values in life, and appreciate your spirit and soul for what they genuinely are, is when one finds less people in their life, but more quality of sacred relations and less becomes more! ~ Stephanie Smith A

Truth and sometimes we open up to people wanting to share a part of us when in fact they just want to learn things from you to put you down. All my life I know I’ve had positive mindset except when I’ve met certain people. ~ Karen Ignacio 

Everyone that hangs with you and laughs with you are not your friends. Pay attention when times get hard and see who’s there for you and stands by your side through it all. ~ Rondalisa Tate

With all the people that I’ve encountered in my life ( different nationalities) I do treat them equally and fairly. This lesson here is like a door that swings both ways, not everyone deserves a seat and for sure there are seats as well that I don’t fit in. Whatever works, that’s what it is. ~ Shirley Lozon 

The reason being, with age come the experience that allows us to prioritize our wants and focus on our needs and see things clearer. I always believe my life is too precious (not too short) to waste on undeserving people who have taken enough of my precious time. I redirect my energy and attention to those who are deserving.

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