You can’t keep hurting a person and expect them to keep loving you

You can't keep hurting a person and expect them to keep loving you

When they carry on hurting you, it’s time for you to wave goodbye and move on. No one is indispensable. ~ Patricia Jeffries 

Women disrespect the man & wonder why he left. Men don’t love the woman & wonder why she left. ~ Janet Hinton 

No matter how much love you have for that person, the hurt just weighs entirely too heavy and leaves a shadow hanging over that love. ~ Shanda Lawson 

Never cry for someone who hurts you because if he/she loves you and care for you, he/she will never hurts you.

Remember it’s a choice, you decide what is best for you. No one else, as I was told – hurt me one time, it’s forgiveable, hurt me two times shame on me, hurt me three times I don’t ask why, make a plan to exit the situation. ~ Michele Robinson

After continuous hurts from the same person the heart starts to close and when it closes all the way it may never open again. Each action is sure to bring a reaction. ~ Sharon Todd 

Love is a powerful emotion, that’s why there are people out there that continue to live in abusive situations. Maybe their understanding of love is twisted, or maybe they still need to learn that their love cannot change an abuser’s way. ~ Mary Davis 

To love is to risk being hurt. You don’t have to be broken or less than whole to love someone. In fact, it takes great strength and confidence to love and forgive. However, to keep forgiving the same hurt repeatedly is to accept abuse. That is not healthy. ~ Joanne Harpin 

Hurting leads to distrust then you built that wall around you so you won’t be hurt again. Then you trust no one which makes it hard for others that come along. The right person will be the one that accepts you as you are. Hurt, scared, broken and recovering from it. ~ Augustine Gillespie 

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