Be careful who you open up to

Be careful who you open up to

Be careful who you open up to

Gossipers does not have better things to do in life.

True friends don’t gossip about you.

Gossip travels faster than lightning.

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Let them be. They’re bored, and you’re interesting. As long as you’re honest and sincere, the rumours, gossips and such don’t matter. Someone up there is making a tally of whatever each and every one of us is doing in life. ~ Charvin Marie 

I don’t voice my personal, business or my opinions at my job. You never know who will be your best friend today and your smiling back stabber tomorrow. ~ Rose Paluka   

If you live your life to your best ability and you are true to yourself, and you have nothing to hide I say, let those that have that need to gossip. Rise above them. ~ Mary Binder 

 I would suggest to just go and do what you can. Be yourself today as much as possible and every day is important. And try not to spend your day with unimportant things. Do not stress the whole day either. ~ Karianne Hamelynck

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