Don’t give up okay?

Don't give up! okay?

Time is the best healer; but the scars remain. These are reminders so that same mistakes won’t be committed again over & over again.

First step on the healing journey is accepting you as you are and then allowing yourself the time and space to heal. ~ Coranne Cahill 

Time heals almost everything. Add a prayer to it then all is good. ~ Chris Gebert  

The healing occurs when the wound doesn’t feel as open and aching. The memories may cause a flinch of pain but it has healed over – over time.

You won’t be the same afterwards, but chances are you will be wiser and stronger. A “better” different. ~ Anita Maynard 

We just need to go on and move on no matter how hard and painful it is. ~ Algee Garcia 

Life does not stop because of hurts. It is a part of life. You hurt, you heal, you move on with life. ~ Millette Smart 

Been there, done that. Takes longer than you think, but will eventually feel normal again. ~ Merrihelen McIntosh 

It hurts but life must go on and time passes by so quick if you enjoy the company of a friend. ~ Jessyline Maquito 

Never the same again. Hurt changes us for good or bad. I began to “heal” when I accepted I cannot go back. I go forward, no longer naïve to the hurt in this world. ~ Randy Mueller 

When we experience pain that hurts inside our hearts, we must continue thinking positive with God’s prayers. ~ Adela Pacheco 

Every hurt will heal. You just have to hold on tight and ride it out. You look back in a few years and wonder how you did it, but you did. ~ Philip Bader 

No matter how painful and hard it is, everything will pass. People change, feelings change and time will heal all wounds. Take it as lesson learned and move on. ~ Prudy Lacaman 

Never ever say I know how you feel or it’ll get better to someone hurting. Just be there and do not talk about you. ~ Tim Farrell 

Hoping and waiting for that time to come, like soon. Looking forward to it. ~ Carisa Jane  

I’m by your side until the scar go away. Until you are completely healed. Don’t give up. You are not alone. ~ Faris Al-Abed 

I’ll never give up until I find happiness.  I’m ready for my heart to be happy. ~ Unknown

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