Don’t stop loving people when you’re upset or angry

Don’t stop loving people when you’re upset or angry

Don't stop loving people when you're upset or angry

Never let anger prevent you from doing what is right. ~ Benny Espinosa 

At times, we all get angry, but I feel this is where unconditional love comes in and it has a stronger power than anger. When you love, care about/for all people your heart can not feel any other way. We don’t stop loving people because they upset us. Myself, I always try to see the good side of everything and if there are times when I’m angry, I try to talk it out. I can not decide what others will do for themselves, but I would, at least, like to hope, that most conversation can be worked out and if not, then I feel it’s time for others to do what is best for themselves too. ~ Diana Preneta 

My husband and I went to bed mad at each other and when I woke up he had my laundry done and he made me a coffee. ~ Elizabeth Ruggieri 

Kindness is always win the battle against anger.

Real love comes inside the heart. Sacrifice is the best you can do for the success of the relation. ~ Erlinda Reyes

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