If you are going through hard times

If you are going through hard times

Always see the good side of things in whatever circumstances.

Life is always beautiful. We should always have the hope to go confidently in the direction of our dreams.

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes ups and sometimes downs. Win or lose, but the important is you keep on moving forward.

Just as day and night feature in a 24-hour time, happiness and sadness are parts of the same spectrum. One cannot be fully experienced in the absence of the other. If you are going through hard time, pray thankfully for more strength knowing the answer ( opposite experience ) is at hand. Even good time can’t be forever. When you understand the rhythms of life, your faith gets to be strong. There’s no everlasting experience in this physical realm. ~ Zandise Booi 

Life is meant to be lived without judging it good or bad, just be like a mirror reflecting whatever comes before you and let it go as it passes. That way life will always be full and rich.

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