Take Risk! You have to come out your comfort zone

Take Risk! You have to come out your comfort zone

If there is no door use a window. 

You have to take risk and don’t ever look back. ~ Yvette Louis 

Go for it no matter what everyone thinks or says.

Step outside your comfort zone. Climb out of it, jump out, fly out, whichever suits you. ~ Matthew McBain 

Build the doors, and then walk through them; you never know what wonders await. 

When you fall stand up and try again.

For every action there is a re-action. Better to die trying than not try at all. 

When one door closes another opens.

If you don’t build your dream, someone else will build it for you.

Sometime you just have to make things happen.

Your life is what you make of it. Only you have control, or change of your own life. Make it what you dream of. We deserve nothing less than the best. ~ Esti Garbatini 

That’s life. You got to make things happen by constantly working at it. Be it marriage, work, relationships, most importantly one needs to have self drive for it. ~ Neha Bewoor 

Fight till your last breath. Those are test to determine your strength and faith whatever happens. Don’t give up. All the best. ~ Stella Seabi 

Life is fill of door’s. Sometimes you have to be dragged and kicking & screaming and then there is the door you walk through with you head held high. ~ Adrian Leon 

Have faith in your heart that you can do anything and learned all your mistake along the way and shortcomings. There is no effort without error, who knows the victory or defeat if you don’t try it. ~ Grace Pelegrino 

You can put whatever you want out there but if there is no action there is no reward. We can’t sit & pray for something. If God sees you are true to your wants & you are willing to accept all that he has to offer you then he will support you. He needs to see your intent by your actions. ~ Victoria Welch 

Being unemployed for some time now. I should use one of my God giving talents and open my own door to my future business. ~ Niecy Montford 

You can pray about it and let God open the right door for you. ~ Gerry Vanderstel

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