If you don’t make peace with your past

If you don't make peace with your past

Have faith! Believe that God wants all the best for you and knows better than you what you need and the present is more important. Living in the past, you will not live today, so you will loose happiness of living the present moment. All lessons in the past were for being happy in the present. Be aware of what you have now, not what you lost yesterday. ~ Cristina Andreescu 

To make peace with your past you have to forgive yourself for all the things you did and didn’t do as well as forgiving everyone whoever hurt you, then move on. Never looking back. Forgive other not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace. ~ Unknown

The past only serves to teach us, where we may have made an error. Somethings Like what others may have done to us, we are powerless over to change. We discard those relationships if they were toxic and forgive them just as we have been forgiven. This does not mean we restore the offender back to the level of the relationship they had in our life prior to the incident, but we let go of the hurt they caused us. We do not seek revenge and fill those spots by living in the present with the knowledge we have learned a lesson. It does take a bit of effort and practice. ~ Diane Massey 

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