People change for two reasons

People change for two reasons

Life is a process of learning from actions and situations and then changing from lesson learned. So when it seems like the same situation keeps on repeating again and again and again, pause and look for the lesson. Learn the lesson well by changing and you ll see that the same situation will not repeat itself. If you continue not to learn the lesson, the same problematic situation keeps on repeating until it hurts enough for you to learn the lesson and eventually change for the better! Sadly, some people learn only when they re hurting too much. ~ Delia Maceda 

To change and to improve are two very different issues. Readjusting is a pretty painful process at the best of times. Our days are a kaleidoscope, new harmonies, new contrasts, new combinations. We are chameleons, our partialities and prejudices alter with any given situation. “Just when I think I’ve learnt the way to live, life changes and I’m left the same. The more things change, the more I am the same. I am what I started with and when it is all over, I will be all that is left of me.” All changes alter the even tenor of our lives. We live, we learn, we change. ~ Margaret Young 

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