Telling a lie & making someone smile

Telling a lie & making someone smile


telling the truth

Rather hurt by the truth than protected by a lie.

Lies are destructive. A white lie to protect someone’s feelings is completely different than lying to someone’s face for the sake of your own selfish reasons. ~ Lisa Johns 

Sugar coating a lie doesn’t change the fact that it’s a lie. The truth will always be revealed in due time. I’d rather know the truth no matter how much it hurts. The sooner the better so I don’t waste my time
believing in a lie. Norma Bowman

The problem is not that you lied to me, it’s just that I will never be able to trust you again. I hate a person who lies to me. I rather hear the truth even if it means breaking my heart than for someone to lye to me, than its all done. ~ Nia Markantonakis 

I would much rather be hurt than lied to. You can only move forward from the truth, not so with a lie. ~ Bernadette DiRenzo 

It takes skill and compassion to tell the truth when it could hurt, but do it in a way that produces something positive. It’s easy to tell the truth with a prideful spirit , when your true goal is to tear someone down and kill his or hers spirit. Don’t bother telling the truth to someone if your intentions are only to hurt them. ~ Ginny Smith 

Telling the truth is respecting and caring. Lying is deceiving. The truth always comes out and it hurts much more finding out later. ~ Miriam Peguero 

Sometimes the truth may hurt but it can also set you free.

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