We can’t help who we fall in Love with

We can't help who we fall in Love with

When you love yourself, you surround yourself with healthy friendships, thus falling in “LOVE” would be a possibility with same mind like people. ~ Brigitte Nicole

The chemistry, the butterflies, the connection, that does not happen every time you meet someone and when it’s reciprocal it is very powerful and most times unexplainable.  It usually happens the first time you meet that special someone. ~ Anne Marie

This is not about attraction or crushes or falling from a marriage/lust. Of course we must first make an intelligent decision on the company we choose to be with or expose yourself to. When we love ourselves, we chose healthy relationships. The quote would imply that you would not allow to be loved or to love, by a toxic or dysfunctional relationship because that would not be true love. Love is certainly a word of action and the mind is involved but its important to be wise and kind to your heart. That is when we cannot help but fall in love. When its right it’s love, when all those things are not in place, its not love. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Brain brings us wisdom. Heart brings us love. Love always prevails without contradiction it always seeks what is true. When heart speaks out it always speaks about feelings. Feelings of love itself. It knows no lies. ~ Jinky Leoncio 

We don’t have to act upon our emotions, it is called self control. Some need to honor their commitments instead of acting upon a weak moment or getting into a toxic relationship. ~ Cindy Michelle 

The heart can pull you in a certain direction but you really need to engage your brain. ~ Lisa Coruzzi 

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