When people insults you

When people insults you

When people insults you

As long as you stand there arguing, your feeding their power. Turn and walk away and let them stew and you can be free from the aggravation. ~ Lola Vanslette 

It says that “they” possess, not that “you” possess. When people are critical, they are often talking about themselves. When people lovingly point things out, it may be food for thought. I have found when people “attack” you, it is usually something they don’t like about themselves. It is difficult not to internalize, but very important to try not to. ~ Stephanie Brown 

There are people whose life is based on hatred. There is nothing you can do to change that unless something catastrophic happens to them and they started seeing the light. ~ Eddie Calderon 

I can’t stand people who are negative, insultative, or rude, and who always have drama. Negative people are really unhappy with themselves, and their lives, and pick on other people to make themselves feel better. I stay away from people like this. We only have one life to live. I say smile, live , laugh, and love. Life is to short, to be anything but happy. ~ Robin Fiske 

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