You can only choose to accept people or walk away

You can only choose to accept people or walk away

You can expect to be treated with respect and if it doesn’t happen, you stand up for yourself. You teach others how to treat you by what you allow into your life. ~ Christina Owens 

Once you get how to do that, life gets a lot less complicated. Love the ones who deserves to be loved by you. ~ Sylvain Bouchard 

People surrounding you are unfair for certain instance, even if you share kindness to them they will still do something awkward behind you.The only escape with that kind of action is for you to stay consistently true to yourself, never mind them bugging you with their cruelness,what important is how you possess the kind of attitude God wants you to portray. You don’t need to impress anyone, living in ways of God is simply the best kind of living. ~ Lhanz Ubaldo 

Sometimes even you are a good person and respects others, there’s a time in your past and or future life that you can also hurt others by being insensitive to what they feel and you may feel you are not helping them, so you choose to just walk away because you feel its the right thing to do on that certain time. Others can be an instrument for us to be strong, regardless if the experience is bad or good, and the same way with us to others. ~ Leila Liwanag 

One of my deepest beliefs. If you can’t bring joy to another persons life its no sin to go your own way, wishing whoever the best in their own endeavors. ~ Mary Carvalho 

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