Sometimes, all you need is a Hug from the Right person

Sometimes, all you need is a Hug from the Right person

Hugs speak when there are no words.

Hug is medicine for many problems.

Just a hug from the right person does make the difference.

If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.

Love is like a resting place, a shelter from the storm, it exist to give you comfort, it exist to keep you warm. ~ Rose Flores 

That is what we want so that all our heartaches and all our different aches physically and mentally be burned out immediately. ~ Marilyn Azor 

If you hug somebody meaning you missing him, and a hug is a wonderful action to finish all what your misunderstanding to your love one, a little bit quarrel makes the love closer. Just give a big hug, it will removes all what you have misunderstood to your love one. Even not saying sorry if you hug meaning you apologise. ~ Lyneth Benigno 

When our little ones were little, we had a ritual which could occur at any time. One of us would lie down in the middle of the floor, arms and legs straight up in the air. From that position, we would yell, “Help me! Help me! I’ve run out of huggles!” That was the clue for everyone in the house to run in and start hugging and kissing whoever was lying on the floor. ~ Mary Anderegg 

I could be having the worse day but a bear hug from someone that cares about you makes you feel so safe and loved. ~ Sandi Blount 

I can’t wait for my ‘right person’ to show up & to be the right person for him as well. I know he’s out there. ~ Linda Johnson 

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