Love is not what you say

Love is not what you say

Love is never closing the door of communication when you know you have made someone mad. Forgive quickly and don’t forget to ask for forgiveness! Love is showing MERCY, KINDNESS and GENTLENESS! ~ Vickie Casovia 

Love is a true and caring friend just checking on you. Love is my daughters calling me and cheering me on. Love is someone praying for me. That’s how they make me feel loved. ~ Ermelinda Leite 

True Love is implementing kindness, compassion, empathy, respect and patients in your interactions with your loved ones (friend, relatives, partners) accepting them as they are and not as you would like them to be. I know when a person truly loves me. When my fears, insecurities, past-hurt arises and they hold the space of acceptance and acknowledgement, knowing that being vulnerable with each other is a blessing and not a weakness. ~ Sarah Scerri 

Love is patient, kind and true. Love is not what you say but it is what you do to show another person that you love them. One must have a willingness to make it work at all times! ~ Regina Davis 


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