A strong person is not the one who doesn’t cry

A strong person is not the one who doesn't cry

Tears are part of life and express our emotions, sadness and joy. I tell young lads it’s OK to cry. Remember that sometimes we need help to pick ourselves up and get our fight back. Never look down on a man that cries, he’s being honest. ~ Ron Steer 

There is nothing wrong with crying, i believe it is important to get emotions out rather than hold in.

I’m a emotional person, tears come when I’m happy or sad, which doesn’t mean that I’m not strong, I get on in live, but it sure ain’t easy some times. ~ Jenny Van Vulpen 

Fighting spirit is what defines a strong person.

Tears are the way of clearing your head to prepare you for the next battle ahead.

A person can not go wrong if they are doing just what needs to be done! A person isn’t failing just because they stumble and fall once in a while just as long as they pick themselves up and keep going. A failure is one who falls and gives up!! YOU are not that one!! ~ Michael Kelly Sr 

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