A Strong Women

A Strong Women

A Strong Women

Strong women who have been victimized are not playing victim. They are traumatized. Be kind to all women and the world will be kind in return. ~ Aunt Mary 

Playing the victim role and having been victimized by one form or another type of bully are two different things. I, too, have been victimized in my life, I struggled to get through and to overcome what was happening and found that there are many types of bullies who tend to mistake kindness as a weakness. I choose to stand and draw a line then walk away from this type of person, so that I show myself the respect deserved and not allow myself to be made pitiful by another that is simply attempting to steal a person’s God given dignity. ~ Sheila Gonzales 

The Strong Woman stays on her journey without interfering with the journey of others. She is considerate of people in her life and doesn’t want to diminish their happiness with her problems. A strong woman is selfless and smiles through the day. ~ Diane Kolosky

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