Allow yourself to Hope, Believe & Trust again

Allow yourself to Hope, Believe & Trust again

Allow yourself to Hope, Believe & Trust again

You have the power to make tomorrow different if you truly want to.

First, one must heal from the pain. It is called forgiveness. Then, one can move on freely. ~ Ilia Berrios

The past is the past we can not go back and change it we have to move on. We all have memories some good some bad that is life move on and make even better ones. ~ Jason Gallagher  

Memories are just that, memories. They are something that will always be with us, but it’s our choice as to how we handle them. You can sit around and sulk or you can learn and grow from them. After all, life is about living and learning. ~ Michelle Townsend 

You cannot live in the past. Each day is a new beginning. Fresh start and remember that your thoughts and feelings are very powerful. How you feel about yourself is how you shape your reality. ~ Jana Kramar 

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