Be thankful for the difficult people in your life

Be thankful for the difficult people in your life

My mom always said a bad example is a good example. It teaches you what not to do. ~ Nanci Valentine 

I am thankful that I can turn my mistakes into experiences that will help me in the future. ~ Troy Beagley 

It’s the simple things in life that makes life worth living. Be kind to one another for you don’t know what others are going through. A kind word goes a long way. ~ Linda Lebrun 

It doesn’t matter how the other person treats us, we should be nice to them and keep smiling and that way they will stop acting like they are better than us. ~ Ananthi Subramanian 

God puts those people in our life for two reasons, the first one is that he wants you to be a more compassionate person, preparing you for heaven, after all we are not ready to enter in, the other reason is for that difficult person, God is using you as a tool to bring that person into heaven. Did you know, that you might be the only one person that the difficult person ever sees God in? Thank God for difficult people! ~ Darlene Robinson 

There are times, when I find myself lost in situation where it seems like the whole world turns against me, but I realize one thing for sure if people see me differently, it doesn’t matter, as long God sees me for the person He created me to be. Your post is the most important page to uplift someone and to encourage others to strive for a better days ahead and this quote is just for me and I thank you for sharing. ~ Gisele Joseph 

The object is to refuse to accept other folks’ anger, animosity, and frustration. Most people who encounter these behavior say, “I see your anger and I’ll have that too. I’ll hate you for hating me.” Of course that’s not facilitating your own vibrational match with source; it’s lowering your to match theirs. When your source of character is yourself, you’re as weak as you are. When your source is the Source you’re as empowered as that Source is. ~ James Roushey 

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