Being someone’s First Love is great

Being someone's First Love is great

The perfect is to be the first and last one in the same time.

My Dad gave me the most priceless gift ever when he told me that my mom was the only girl he ever loved. Mom said she wished that she hadn’t waited so long to marry him. They were married for 57 years and daddy was there for her until he died in a car accident and he was her primary caregiver with her Alzheimer’s. They are both gone now and I wish I had the kind of marriage they did. ~ Donna Knight 

True love is about mutual consideration, enduring and unwavering during easy times and difficult times, committed to being there for each other, surviving differences and focusing on being there for the other dedicated to making it work long term, willing to forgo luxuries when necessary in exchange for true companionship, so rare to find and when one does, realizing it’s value above everything. ~ Leonard Rubinstein 

A person never forgets the first love, no matter what. Its always in their mind, even when they are sitting next to their last love. ~ Itzel Rivera 

It can happen, my husband and I will be married 39 yrs in January and have known each other since 6th grade. You have to remember there will be ups and downs but you vowed to love each other til death due you part. ~ Denise Townsend 

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