Best people can give you sweet memories

Best people can give you sweet memories

Best people can give you sweet memories

Every person will give us reasons to be stronger, and we should accept the positive and negative things they gave us, its an experience we should offer to him. ~ Maria Carmen

Besides we all need to take responsibility for our own actions & reactions.

Every person that came into our lives has its purpose and they become part of our journey.

Happiness is something one seeks, a choice (to be happy) one makes. People do things to bring happiness, but it is up to the individual to decide those actions make them happy. ~ Rocky Blair

One and the same person may behave differently at different occasions. We have to judge him/her objectively according to the situation and context. ~ Bava Puthuthottilkoya

What ever comes to my life, as it shapes me into a better me for sure. ~ Sariani Pasni

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