Choosing whether to walk away or try harder

Choosing whether to walk away or try harder

No matter how hard you truly try, sometimes you still have to walk away.

You got to do what you got to do. You can only be taken advantage of so many times and then you have to walk away. ~ Alison McLachlan 

Anything worth having in your life is worth trying for.

Sometimes walking away is the healthiest thing to do. Don’t have to blame each other. Maybe it’s time to move on and wish each other well. ~ Suzi O’Connor 

Both people have to give 100% in a relationship. If only one person is trying harder than it’s never going to work. Try hard but then know when to walk away. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make, but in the end I know it was the best decision for me & my mental health. ~ Teresa Marie 

 Sometimes walking away is the best choice when your heart tells you that you’ve already tried hard enough and the results aren’t as you expected. If you’ve tried all you can and it still isn’t working, then it was never meant to be. ~ Cheilla Perez 

After a lifetime of being the one who tried harder, I finally learned to walk away when the hurt is too much. ~ Carey Steinshouer 

I tried harder but finally walked away. I have no regrets! I am at peace with my decision and am not looking back, but instead am looking forward to the future. ~ Arlene Vazquez 

Use a valid process to make the decision and you know if there was anything that drove you to make that decision.

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