Fake people have an image to maintain

Fake people have an image to maintain

Fake people have an image to maintain

Fake people love greed, while real people care about need. In other words, they are users! ~ Mike Anderson 

It is about being selfless and given for where you know that what you give knowing it is what you need as well but give it any way. ~ Jeff Thorn 

Real people have character, they are trust worthy, and you always know where you stand with them. Ask them a question and they tell you like it is. I may not always speak my mind because has we get older we do gain wisdom. They know who they are. ~ Suzanne Brewer 

Fake people can be insecure, self serving egos and not in tune with what really matters in life. I feel sorry for them they are cheated out of what life is about.

Once I told the truth about someone who faked their college education on her resume. She got mad and said “these flagrant lies would damage her reputation.” It was apparent to me that her reputation was more important than living the truth. I told her I don’t have to worry about upholding a “reputation” because I don’t live for what others think of me. ~ Chris Carlson 

Fake ones are trouble whereas real ones are success.

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