Falling in Love is easy

Falling in Love is easy

Everyone can fall in love easily, it’s a feeling. Staying in love is a commitment.

Once in love, you always love but not maybe love the same way. Feelings change. Relationships are hard. Romance and lust are easy. ~ Kathleen Burke 

The reason staying in love is so rare is because most people are too selfish and love is a very giving emotion & there is no room for selfishness. ~ Ambur Huff

I’ve been in love with the same man for 48 years and we’re still going strong. ~ Cathy Fahey 

I love seeing old couples, that still hold hands, etc. Hope I find someone who will hold my hand when my time comes. ~ Timothy Mcglothren 

23 years and we love one another more now than the day we married. Some folk give up on marriage after the glitz, glitter, and goose bumps wear off. They get bored with everyday life. What a shame and how sad to waste years of your life and someone else’s. ~ Kathy Ray 

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