Friendships & Relationships are a two way street

Friendships & Relationships are a two way street

Don’t waste your effort with those who don’t know how to appreciate. 

Sometimes, even if you don’t want to let people go you have to. I have been in this situation and I was patient for years, hoping my friend would come around but all she did was put me down over and over when I tried to do whatever I could to make things better and blame me for everything. After a while, I couldn’t take it and I had to let go because not letting her go was killing me bit by bit inside. Sometimes, you have no choice. ~  Rachna Saini 

It’s time to pray and give them some space and see what God does in your friends life to make them more able to be a better friend. No one wants to be a crappy friend, sometimes we just have things on our minds. Weighing on our spirits and holding us back from being the best we can be. Be patient, forgive, and pray. ~ Amanda Elrod 

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