Have a good kind heart for those who care

Have a good kind heart for those who care

Have a good kind heart for those who care

Humbleness is Class!

Even you are not rich, but you have a good heart, you are rich by the eyes of God.

I have always said I’m rich!! (In here and I point to my heart) I may not have all the wealth I once had but I gave that away!! Money comes and goes but my heart remains true! “Pretty is as pretty does”. ~ Samantha Martell 

Having a good kind heart is far much important than good looks and money. It’s the character/personality that matters most. Good looks fades when you get older while money gives temporary happiness and can be the root of evil. If your basis is on outer looks that won’t last you’ll easily get turned off if you see /discover something not within the norm but if you look into ones heart and soul no matter what you will accept the person wholeheartedly. ~ Enaj Yram 

Everyone is beautiful to someone especially when you care enough to look deep inside. ~ Selina Thomas

You can have all the riches of the world, or even have the power to move mountains, but if you don’t know love, you have nothing. 

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