How people treats you?

How people treat you?

It speaks of their character and integrity as a human being.

How people treat you is there karma, how you react is yours. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Even people who don’t respect their own selves, you still have a choice, either to respect them or not. That will show how good you are. How you treat people around you defines you. If you still respect them even how messy they are to you, then that would show you have a good heart to every person you meet. So, if you want to be influenced by good people, be around with good people. ~ Maria Estardo

Don’t ever doubt that one day they will have to answer for it. Just keep being the decent person you are and show them how to shine on because there’s real problem, they aren’t able to shine, they are stuck in the darkness. Those type of people are often all about ego and material things. I don’t hate them, they are being brain washed to do this and to believe that they are righteous in there wickedness. Only the strong are able to be kind and decent to others, and not go along with other peoples ‘manipulated’ opinions. ~ Wanda Dinsdale 

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