If you don’t appreciate what you already have

If you don’t appreciate what you already have

If you don't appreciate what you already have

Count your blessings! Not everyone are so blessed.

Thankfulness is the key to happiness.

We always have to be grateful for everything.

We don’t appreciate what we have. All we do is complained blame others for what we do not have.

Optimist say the glass is half full, pessimist say half empty. Every one should be thankful there’s any thing in the glass at all.

Take stock on what we have and be content unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth then you can want for more and become those with insatiable stomach for material things. Don’t covet your neighbor’s spouse or mate, be happy with who you have beside you before you know it if you’re always seeking someone to fulfil your needs you might end up alone. ~ Norma Powell 

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