It’s your own negative thought that makes things seem worse

It’s your own negative thought that makes things seem worse

There is no greater enemy than our own unguarded thoughts.

Work on your mind. Free it from negative thoughts. Focus on the positive things you have and wait for God to complete the process. ~ Judy Smithson 

How do I stop the negative feelings? It takes work. It takes you making a conscious choice to stop them. You have to start trying to see the positive part of every situation, no matter how small it is. Trust me, there is ALWAYS someone out there worse off than you. Think of that. You have to make the choice to stop. The more you think positively, the easier it becomes. It’s easy to fall into the self pity trap, but that is also a choice you made. Life is all choices. You can stop the negativity if you want to, you just have to want it bad enough. Your happiness depends solely on YOU and nothing or no one else. ~ Jean Killen 


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