Karma! What goes around, comes around

Karma! What goes around, comes around

Karma is people that are in your life for a reason. Nothing to do with you, but Karma is there to show you that everyone has to pay the price for the actions in life and people they hurt. These people will repair until you can see the dark side and choice not to have them destroy your good values. Push them aside and your life will change. Courage to find your own mind is Karma.

Everything in life is a circle. if I am thinking that because these person try to take my eye out I have to do the same makes the world exactly what it is a lot of people blind to the opportunity to see better. I have to be part of the change I want to see in the world. So we have to start at some point. ~ Patricia Porton

Karma is the suffering that one has to endure in a lifetime because it does not understand the cause, effect and destiny. Since it does not understand what is happening and does not know how to correct it, it cries, suffers and becomes anxious and blames the bad luck of its destiny. Karma is synonym for lack of understanding. By not knowing the origin of its problems and psychic disorders, it will put the blame on destiny. Once karma is understood and corrected, it will become dharma. 

Don’t think about the people who abused you at all. They don’t deserve your thoughts. Think good thoughts about you. You are worthy. ~ Vickie Merritt 

The moment you are able to say ‘I forgive you’, a sense of relief and release just drifted through my soul. I may never forget, but I choose not to hold onto the memories and their destructive poison. Be kind to yourself, we often aren’t as kind to ourselves as we should be. ~ Annie Booth 

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