Let go of things that don’t matter anymore

Let go of things that don’t matter anymore

Let go of things that don't matter anymore

Letting go or practising a degree of detachment, is one of the most important skills to have today. Holding on to events, situations, circumstances because you feel that’s the only way to change them is the path to powerlessness, anxiety, stress and depression. But detachment doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand or ignoring what’s happening or pretending it’s not so, quite the opposite, it’s recognising the situation for what it is and understanding that you have a choice in how to react and respond, and that your circumstances don’t come with any built-in meaning, that you give them the meaning that is unique to you. 

If you’re having those feelings, you have to go fully into them. Allow yourself to feel bad, and identify what it is exactly that you’re feeling bad about. Once you know what it’s about, you can examine it in the light of day and maybe find a way to think less negatively about it. To let something go, you have to bring what is unconscious into the conscious. 

~ Blair Robinson 

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