Love doesn’t Hurt

Love doesn't Hurt

Expectations hurt more than love itself.

Love only hurts when we believe we receive it from others. The love that truly counts is the love we have for ourselves that we carry around with us in our hearts. Truly it matters more who we love rather than who loves us. ~ Kathleen Garner 

Our expectations of love do hurt when not fulfilled, but this is part of the life experience. Not to love is like not breathing the air around us. We must ensure we are making healthy choices of those whom we love but there is always a risk. This is the great journey of life. ~ Karen O’Reilly 

Love hurts even with the right one. It hurts when the communication isn’t flowing. It hurts when there is disagreement. etc but generally, it’s always bad news to love the wrong ones. Loving someone means exposing our vulnerabilities to him/her & trust that they will take care of our heart earnestly. ~ Phoenicia Toh 

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