Mature people avoid Drama

Mature people avoid Drama

One’s beliefs are only important to themselves. Pushing your beliefs onto others can quite often lead to drama. Why bother, I’m quite happy for me or others to be right wrong or whatever without turning it into any drama. ~ Dave Blunden 

The only thing that matters is your heart. Stand up for yourself in a way that doesn’t tear other people down. They are also entitled to their opinions. It’s not about “right/wrong”, it’s about respecting others. If they’re meant to be in your life and they know how you feel/important things to you, they’ll find a way to make that happen. If not, they’ll go along their merry way continue to live the way they live, it’s alright. Just different paths. ~ Jenny Inman 

We have a tendency to dramatize on unimportant issues that sometimes have no bearing whatsoever on the situation, but we do it nevertheless. Sometimes we tend to treat life as one big drama and failing to appreciate that which has greater significance and of higher priority. We expend so much energy and waste so much of our precious time dwelling on the past, taking things too much to heart, losing our sense of perspective and holding on to life long grudges that have lost its significance sometime down the road. Once we stop with the drama queen act and concentrate on the here and now, life would be so much simpler without further complicating the issue. ~ Margaret Young 

Sometimes that society even provokes drama. Encourages us to do (what I see as) crazy things like drugs, messy relationships with people, sex buddies. I mean come on, it’s just so silly and it never works and destroys your friendship or you end up marrying the person. Social My motto is: if you love someone, don’t pressure them with your expectations because all it does it cause suffering. ~ Amanda Stewart 

I would rather spend my time doing what matters. Spending valuable time with family and friends. Life is way to short to be caught up in nonsense and fueling angry or unhappy people. Tomorrow is never promised to anyone. Why waste a great life being unhappy or angry? Life really is what you make it. ~ Heather Bailey 

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