Never compain about the things your parents couldn’t give you

Never compain about the things your parents couldn't give you

My mother was born in a time before the second world war and she had to escape this part of Germany. She lost 8 of her sisters and brothers, she had the experience of violence, hunger and everything you have in a war. But after all this bad experience she was a great mother. She told me that everyone is equal, does not matter what religion, which color, what nationality you have. We are one world. Thank you mom! ~ Andrea Toscano 

I was adopted by the most wonderful parents I could have ever had. Although we didn’t have much, they provided me with the greatest childhood imaginable. They both died when I was very young & look at my 4 gorgeous kids & I know that although my parents are no longer here, they live on inside my kids. ~ Andrew Ford 

The grandiosity of what parents do doesn’t matter. What matters is that they do everything they can do, whether big or small, so that their children are successful. What is also important is that children carry on this practice. This is the responsibility of parents whether wealthy or poor. ~ Vanessa Johnson 

So many complain about what they didn’t get. Missing all the sacrifices our parents made. If they had more to give, don’t you think they would have given it. ~ Delora Kirby  

Happiness lies not only on ones position or possession in life. It’s about the contentment with what you have.

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