No matter how badly people treat you

No matter how badly people treat you

No matter how badly people treat you

Walk away with your head held high. You can always cry your heart out later when no one is looking.

It’s not worth wasting time or energy. Keep walking! We will be far away from the disturbing person. Walking will also keep you fit. ~ Eva Rivers

The only way you do is to pray for them, that they may find peace and humbleness in their hearts and learn how to make sorry for the wrong doings they made to other people, but mostly how to love people. ~ Jocelyn Reyes

Negative attracts negative, important to hold your head high and believe in yourself. No matter what others think or say. ~ Cathy Fowler

Walking away from someone who doesn’t deserve my attention, positive or negative is something I’ve gotten better at. I just consider my energy precious and decide where I’m going to “spend” it. ~ Trisha Gonzalez

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