Other people only understand from their level of perception

Sometimes people just need to be shown from their perspective. My dad never understood my anxiety disorder till I explained how he feels with his claustrophobia. I feel about daily living. Maybe not at his level anymore but pretty close. He now understands. Same with my sister. I was able to explain how she feels during a normal stressful situation. I feel about everything. She also now understands. So sometimes just bringing it into their perspective will help them to understand. It takes putting your own self into their shoes too. We don’t all have the same experiences so we may not get it till shown. It’s after that if the person is still not caring, then that’s their problem. ~ Meg de Polendo 

It’s quite natural that people explain and understand using their own perceptions and thoughts. We must take this positive approach in sharing our thoughts with others. Again, it’s natural beauty that we all are different. Let’s enjoy the nature! ~ Shrikrishna Singh 

Explaining is a true talent when a person really listens not just pretending to. People have learned to block out importance. ~ Teresa Usher 

The beauty of this world is that we are all different, therefore we see all differently but is what makes this world a beautiful wondrous place instead of boring. Sometimes those differences keep people from understanding each other but if you try sometimes with time they come around to the right conclusion, you may both be right or wrong, agree to disagree based on own experiences which are what makes us think and feel the way we do. ~ Cari Sanchez 


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