People change, Love hurts, Friends leave

People change, Love hurts, Friends leave

People change, Love hurts, Friends leave

Don’t let life go on. Live every moment and control how it should go on.

Change the things you can change and let go of the things you cannot change.

Make the best out of life with what you have. Things are not always perfect. Live, learn, adapt & love. Pretty wild how sometimes the most clinch groups of words have so much truth “live, laugh, love” “live, learn, hope” Enjoy your days while you are still able to enjoy them. All of our time will be up someday, so be happy while you are here. ~ Kimberly Diane

Life sure does go on when all those things happen. It doesn’t stand still. You just got move on forward with your life and hopefully things will get better for you. ~ Valerie Koss

My life does not depend on others, I will live it without need or expectation on others to make it happy. ~ Adele Faulds

In the end, the people who have always been there, and will be there for you is family.

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