People who always doubt, judge & disrespect you

People who always doubt, judge & disrespect you

Remember that people who judge you are the ones who have problems, their judgement depends on their characters, not yours. ~ Jessyline Maquito 

Keep away from people with negative thoughts, mistrustful & disrespectful people & those who try to judge you without knowing your background or what you’ve gone through.

I used to have a ‘friend’, a life-long ‘friend’, who constantly doubted, criticized, disrespected & invalidated me whenever we were together. When I would question her behavior towards me, she would yell at me, “putting me in my place”, so to speak how dare I question her? When I finally walked away from this ‘friend’, I received letters stating all the things that were wrong with me and how she would never understand why I chose to walk away and if I wanted to talk to her, I would have to call her. ~ Barbara Bernabei 

Don’t expect much from those for whom lack self confidence while trying to cut others down to their pathetic level. ~ Gordon Lundun 

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