People who are capable of being trusted

People who are capable of being trusted

People who are capable of being trusted

Just keep your eyes open. If they can’t be trusted it will come out. 

I give my trust and it’s up to them to keep it or waste it. No more second chances. ~ Niñowell Tiglao 

Trust and be vulnerable. You can’t control the future but having walls up could prevent an amazing relationship from flourishing. ~ Jessica Beth 

If you really want the truth about a person, their actions will tell the the whole truth and nothing but the truth. ~ Tiny Beagle 

I learned to take time and slow down. It takes time to see the real person. ~ Michelle Mcelwain 

Proofs are relative, and easily faked especially with people on-line. At some point, you got to trust your instincts about people, appeal to their better nature and hope they rise up to worthiness. If not, charge your loss to experience and move on blessed knowing you tried to help a lost soul. ~ Len Merrick 

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