People who feel like they have wasted years of their lives

People who feel like they have wasted years of their lives

We are all being shaped and molded into who we are everyday on this journey called life. We just have to take it all in and learn from it, not make excuses for it. ~ Laura Camillucci 

The road I have traveled, as long and rocky as it was, is the road that got me here. I wouldn’t trade “here” for anything. Without that experience, I wouldn’t appreciate everything I have now as much as I do. Looking back, what I thought was a curse had been a blessing in the making. ~ Donald Broughton 

The good and bad is the testimony you have in life to share with others or guide them in a better direction.

I am not the person I was 25 years ago, I can not change the past. I can embrace what I have learned and be proud of who I am today and of whom I am becoming. Always remembering that God is not done with me yet. Learning to love myself and others unconditionally. ~ Flo Mason 

My experiences did teach me to be more discerning about things in my life and has helped me to teach my grandchildren to strive for their dreams and be a good person and treat others with respect. Also to remember not to set goals that you can’t possibly reach. Set mini goals and each time you reach those goals it will bring you closer to the main goal. Life may throw curve balls at you delaying progress. Our motto is improvise, adapt and overcome. Never give up. The most important thing is to thank God and praise him for his and Jesus’ blessings on each of us and ask his help everyday. Let them work miracles in your life. ~ Lillian Shreves

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