Physical attractions are common

Physical attractions are common

Physical attractions are common

You need to connect mentally in order for things to work then after you have been together a while. You tend to think the same, you have grown to know the person so well you know what they want or what they are thinking, I know what my man wants or what he is going to do before he does. ~ Elizabeth Diaz

When you find someone that you connect with on an intellectual basis and a spiritual basis, there is nothing better. ~ Barbie Stoll

I was blessed with a physical, mental, and Spiritual Connection with the love of my life for almost 44 years hear on this planet. ~ Sandra Bunch

Men know that women want a mental connection, so many of them will say just the right things to lure the woman in. So the woman will bond to him. Then, when the man gets what he really wants, he’ll then get lost and on to his next prospect. ~ Carol Monteverde

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