Some people create their own problems

Some people create their own problems

Some people create their own problems

Things you do in life always have a ripple effect. Sometimes good, sometimes bad but we have to deal with it and not get upset. ~ Eileen Whalen 

They never ever do anything (wrong) and always all the others are doing things to them. I really hate it how those people victimize (?) themselves. ~ Cori Groenewoud 

Some people don’t feel alive unless some kind of storm is brewing. If all is peaceful, they can’t stop thinking something wrong. So they create a storm and to make it worse & also blame someone else for it. ~ Dwayne Hicks

For the love of God you chose your life and you have to deal with it , I can listen for a while but I can`t deal with an overload same story over and over again. ~ Jessyline Maquito

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