Some people will walk out of your life

Some people will walk out of your life

Be yourself! If they walk out of your life, that’s their fault, not yours! 

First: This myth of “be yourself” is for me a false and redundant issue. We are always ourselves, even if we try to hide or change how we usually behave, that result is also ourselves, and is apparent to whoever knows our true intentions.

Second: If someone doesn’t want to be around us, It’s both persons fault. People are like water, we change in little ways. We are aware. We think, we feel and we can be even more aware. We might not be able to change a lot, but we can change little things, and the little things make a huge difference. If the universe united us with whoever came our way in the first place, than maybe all the conflict that derived was an opportunity for growth, and reconciliation time over time is what makes relationships bloom and last.

Sometimes we need to question ourselves. Sometimes we need to be able not to smile. Sometimes we need to think harder, feel harder, understand better, cry, grow. So that times for good, crazy, happiness will came naturally and wont be forced, last longer, and based on a true love from one another, and true love for ourselves and what we are.

~ Miguel Baptista 

People will always come in & out of all of our lives. Do good anyway, stay true to self and to God. This too shall pass, weeping may endure for a night. But, joy comes in the morning! that something to shout about. ~ Chris Sain Sr. 

If they walked out on you, you’re better off without them in the end. You want someone who will be there for the good times but better yet, for the difficult times. ~ Brigitte Nicole

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