Tears are how our hearts speak when our lips cannot describe

Tears are how our hearts speak when our lips cannot describe

Tears are words left unspoken.

Tears help to let the pain go which is poisonous when captured inside. ~ Sandra Seibert

Tears ease the pain inside. It lessen the hurts that hunts our heart. Tears release the pain. So never try to stop it. Let it drops and flow. When it is finish your heart will somewhat lighten. The weight and burden become less. Don’t hold it back. ~ Anna Liza

No other liquids can explain how much you hurt except tears. ~ Adelyn Casipong

Tears are a release to let go of the pain that cripples the heart, tears don’t last forever, when tears stop, the heart feels much lighter, and so it can continue to beat to face another day, as sure as the sun will rise there is hope, never give up. ~ Elish Doran

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