The Law of Karma

The Law of Karma

I believe in karma; both in negative and positive. A lot of people think karma only goes in one form – negative, which isn’t the fact. Do great things both big and small – Then see, feel, and spread greatness too. I have too seen karma pay people back negatively for acting in negative fashions. The actions/reactions of “KARMA” trump the thoughts I have ‘the good side and the bad’, in my mind daily. It helps keep me on check. I wish all of you a wonderful Tuesday morning; enjoy our beautiful sunshine.

Bad things do happen to good people and we don’t understand why. But I believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe to teach us something? I try to stay in faith when I see something bad happen to good or young people. And continue to pray for a good outcome and strength from the good Lord above to get them through it. I pray for all people, even the bad. Perhaps with prayer and guidance they can change their ways. ~ Tina Burker

Everything happens for a reason and the consequences or hurdles we face and overcome in life, define who we are. Treat everyday like it was your last and love your family and friends as if it were the last time you’ll be together. Today is a gift from God, so cherish it. ~ Debbie Mefferd

Be kind to all that you meet, be generous with heart and soul, listen and be giving; one day when you need it will be returned to you from another. Give nothing, get nothing, garbage in, garbage out. So simple. ~ Heli Howe

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