The only people who think there’s a time limit for grief

The only people who think there's a time limit for grief

Time does heal, but grief still comes in waves like the ocean and tears flow until the pain is released for that wave. Nobody has the right to judge another’s feelings. ~ Stacy Noe

There’s no time limited to grief. We all need to grieve. We learned to accepted their death but that person can not be replaced. I believe in carry on their name, their love, their stories and shared it with others. Hugh part of you died with them. ~ Dell Burgess 

Grief is a process. Let the process proceed and don’t be fooled into thinking that you must push it down deep inside you because others tell you to get a hold of yourself and stop crying. Go on crying for as long as it takes to receive the healing of the hurt. Losing someone you love is very hard. ~ Sheila Hawkins 

Every time I think I am handling, it’s a little better another wave hits me and the tears start again. Everyone keeps saying remember the memories, those are what hurt the most. Well that and the loneliness. ~ Sue Gwin 

Grief does not always mean that someone has died it also means grieving over failed relationships, great sadness over planned things that will never eventuate and lost dreams, grief over the past. I can go on and on but we all can look forward to living the best we can in the present moment. Feelings of grief may never leave us yet whats done is done. ~ Debbie Fry 

It’s not goodbyes, it’s see you later till we meet again.Respect people when they are grieving and listen to them about their loved ones. You will learned something from it. Amen, take all the time you need. ~ Dell Burgess 

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