The pain lessens, but it is never gone

The pain lessens, but it is never gone

It’s like putting a nail in a board, you can pull the nail out but the hole still remains.

The pain and memories don’t ever go away. They stay to teach us a lesson of not going back but moving forward. We need to give time. This too shall pass. ~ Sandy Vidal

The wounds are never gone, but life and the people you love can make you feel whole again and be able to love and live again. ~ Marie Andersson

Truth heal wounds, because truth is related to the heart and not the mind. Time is needed to find and understand the truth. The mind is getting used to habitual practice, which is the resting place of false convictions. ~ Gerasimos Loukatos

Only forgiveness heals wounds, and that can only be done with God. It never goes away but I believe you must forgive but you don’t have to forget. ~ Debbie Vickers

As time goes by, there will be no pain when the wound is healed though there is the scar to be seen. There will still be a pain feeling to see the scar caused by the wound if there’s no forgiveness. Living a life filled with love, peace & joy is more meaningful than a life of hatred with pains. So learning to forgive each other as God always forgive us always. ~ Rosemary Teo

Physical wounds depending on the depth may heal, some can cause inability to function the normal ways like those who lost legs and arms. Emotional wounds some of them are inconsolable no matter what other people say or do. Mothers who lost a son who was murdered will never forget the son she loves all her life. Nothing can replace a lost. There are people who only love once in a lifetime. Once this person loses the one it loves for a variety of reason, it’s like the world fell on their shoulder. They may attempt to replace a lost, but it never felt the same. It’s just a passing glance. Once they lost someone they are not in love truly, it doesn’t feel anything. It’s like each one is dispensable like a replaceable or disposable rug. However, those who lost a love are the most admirable if they try to love again despite the prospect of getting hurt again. They are able to love in a more deeper and more meaningful way. ~ Araceli Tan

It can, only if one is willing to let go of the past completely. I did, so my life can move forward, with God’s help.

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