The person who brings out the best in you

The person who brings out the best in you

The person who brings out the best in you


The one you love is the one who also hurt you the most.
Relationships need to be built on a solid foundation.
Take control and responsibility for yourself. Nobody can bring out the worst or best in you but yourself. ~ Marie Stienessen 
Only if you let it, we control how we react, I have had to learn the tough way by loosing someone that I love with all my heart. We have to pick and choose what is most important when we fight the battles that we think are the one worth fighting when in the end they are not worth loosing what you thought was important. A foundation of true love has to be built with God, being the the strongest corner of your foundation or your house is no better than a house of sticks waiting to be set on fire. Some of life’s lessons are learn by living them and hurting and realizing what matters most in life. ~ Sharon Matthews 
We choose to react as we do, for good or ill. Blaming other people for our bad behavior is just making excuses for ourselves, preventing growth towards personal freedom from our less evolved aspects. ~ Cheryl Anderson
When there is real mirroring between the personalities, then there’s also a mirror side of the hard, unbroken, negative side of self that comes forth when two friends clash. ~ Berno Nilsson

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